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A long time Philadelphia booster, I love showing people the little corners of town that make it so unique. A world class city, with a deeply rooted identity, Philly can be a bit of the strong silent type, but once you get to know it you’ll see why it’s natives take so much pride in living here. Whether it’s a favorite sandwich joint on the corner or a Cezanne hanging in the Barnes Foundation, there is so much to share.

Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods and each one has something special to offer. Understanding those qualities is key to understanding the three most important factors when considering real estate, location, location, location. Each neighborhood has its “best block”, whether you are a buyer targeting a specific property or a seller that needs their listing to stand out from the rest, knowing the neighborhood within the neighborhood can make all the difference. You could be just moving to Philly, or you could have lived here your entire life, I can get you the most out of where you are in real estate.