Real Estate Website Ranks Philadelphia Among Most Exciting Cities

Posted on: May 31, 2013

(By Chelsea Karnash, CBS Philadelphia)

We have some of the country’s best gardens and restaurants, our beer scene is pretty awesome and single men and trick-or-treaters can both get lucky in Philly.

Now, the real estate blog Movoto has ranked Philadelphia among the most exciting cities in the country.

So what makes a city exciting?

Movoto says they surveyed the 50 most populous cities across the nations and ranked them from one to 50 on ten different criterion. That includes park acreage per person, bars per square mile, population diversity and percent of residents between 20 and 34 years old, among other things.

Philadelphia earned the ninth place spot on the list, bookended by Atlanta, Georgia (eighth) and Portland, Oregon (tenth). Other cities with high levels of joie de vivre include San Francisco, Boston and Washington, DC. And no, New York didn’t come out on top, instead pulling a surprising sixth place. The city that’s most exciting? According to this list, it’s Oakland, California.