Elfant Wissahickon's Katey McGrath and The Philadelphia Public School Notebook, Turning the Page for Change on June 11th!

Posted on: June 10, 2013

by Katey McGrath

The Philadelphia Public School Notebook is a catalyst for change, an advocate for equity and excellence, and an information source and forum for the supporters of public schools in Philadelphia. As a member of the Notebook’s board of directors and a parent of students in Philadelphia’s public schools, I am proud to be a part of the Notebook’s work. I invite you to show your support for the Notebook by coming out to the Turning the Page for Change annual celebration on June 11.

My husband and I decided that we would send our children to public schools before they were even born. I attended Philadelphia’s public schools from kindergarten to 12th grade and knew that I wanted my children to have a similar experience in a neighborhood school. But I know that it’s not the ’80s anymore. I didn’t know how to find more information about navigating the system, or how to connect with others going through the same process.

That changed when I was introduced to the Notebook. At last year’s Turning the Page for Change, I met the Notebook’s board and staff, witnessed how many people work to be an active part of the conversation about the School District, and heard insight from a dozen people about my family’s decision to send our children to public school. That night I decided to become a Notebook member, and with each issue I become more informed, more aware, and more proud of the work that the Notebook does to advocate for Philly’s public schools — and especially for the students. Joining the board has allowed me to further participate in theNotebook’s necessary and exciting work to share strong, consistent information about education in Philadelphia.

This year, our oldest son is finishing his first year at J.S. Jenks Elementary School, and we appreciate public education even more. Good public schools can help to ensure that many more Philadelphia students are well-prepared to go on to college and gainful employment. They also keep young professionals and families (and their tax payments) in the city, and contribute to safe corridors and healthy neighborhoods. A quality neighborhood school increases property values and can generate foot traffic in a business district.

Attending Turning the Page for Change is the perfect way to learn more and get involved in the work to improve our schools! You’ll meet parents, educators, students, politicians, connectors, and leaders from all over the city, while providing essential support to sustain the Notebook’s journalism.

So come on out! For tickets, click here. To further show your support for theNotebook, consider joining this year’s Host Committee, and invite your friends!

Katey McGrath is a Philadelphia public school parent and member of theNotebook’s board of directors.