Deborah Nye


P: (215) 247-3600 Ext. 269

C: (610) 202-1141

F: (215) 233-0903


Deborah “gets the deal done” Nye, finds ways for sellers and buyers to craft win-win solutions.

From gorgeous homes to distressed properties, Deborah’s clients feel that she is the ideal choice for creative “outside the shoebox” thinking that today’s atypical real estate transactions require. Described as “dependable and responsive”, Deborah uses her business savvy from previous entrepreneurial enterprises to benefit her clients.

Because of my background and character, “…people want to do business with me –I am relentless in helping people to figure out a way to make a situation work” Deborah says.

Deborah also looks for projects for herself to renovate. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, she says, “I knew how to lay tile, paint, and scrape wallpaper by the time I was 13″. Deborah continues… “I’m all those HGTV shows rolled into one, something my clients appreciate”. And given her drive, talent, and determination, maybe someday she’ll have her own real estate/design show!