Dorien Stevenson

Dorien Stevenson Jr was born and raised right outside of Philadelphia in Glenside PA, attending Upper Dublin High School. He loves to spend time with his parents Dorien Stevenson Sr and Camille Stevenson as well as his two younger brothers Devon and Drew Stevenson. In just the 5th grade Dorien became quickly fascinated with music, being both classically and self taught in multiple instruments including Piano, Clarinet, Drums, and Guitar. Dorien later translated his love for music into his first business, recording and making instrumentals for the local artists. This was Dorien’s first spark into the world of business. With the help of books and mentors Dorien’s knowledge and drive has exponentially increased since his youth, finding joy in investing and helping both investors and home buyers find the perfect property. Clients find Dorien being dedicated and involved in his work, but do not be misled; he is very fun and exciting to talk to and be around. Doriens goals are not to find and help clients but to find and help friends in the process.