John Gainer


P: (215) 893-9920

C: (717) 471-0749


Real estate has never been far from John.

Before fully engaging in the business aspects of sales, John spent the majority of his working life developing skills in residential contracting, carpentry, and painting. His love of learning about the different trades surrounding home ownership led him to Philadelphia where he received a graduate degree from Villanova University focusing on marketing and web development for businesses. From here John spent time working in education as a web developer, photographer, and teacher where his work guided clients in a variety of ways that focused on the power of sharing knowledge and promoting community engagement.

Since then John has rooted himself in West Philly where he continues to take part contracting both in home restoration and teaching throughout the industry. When he is not out working in real estate he is involved in the farming initiatives of Greensgrow Farms and community media development at PillyCAM. John has now collected these life experiences and returned to real estate to continue helping advise and discover more about what various people’s needs are in today’s changing market. Whether it is discovering what new sustainable efforts can be implemented in housing or how co-living spaces and creatives are changing the city landscape John will make buying or selling real estate with you his top priority.