Sochi Thomas


P: (215) 866-0050

C: (610) 329-3967


As a REALTOR ®, I help find more than sticks and bricks. My goal is to find you a community. I’m a rooted resident of West Philly, where I have lived most of my life. Philadelphia is made of countless rich and diverse layers. I take pride in calling it home and understanding all the beautiful nuance.

The common thread throughout my variety of experience has been about prioritizing people. Before becoming a real estate agent, I worked as a tattoo artist, bartender, yoga instructor, horseback tour guide and even a brief stint as a telephone psychic. While each of these helped prepare me to work as a REALTOR ®, direct activism with mental health support groups set me up with skills to de-stress situations, clearly communicate, listen properly and negotiate for my clients.

When I am not showing homes or stalking listings, I enjoy spending time in Cobbs Creek park with my two children and dog, Polkadot. You may see us biking to our favorite restaurant, Little Delicious, which serves the best Jamaican food in West Philly. I’m an avid gardener, so feel free to ask me questions about what to grow in your outdoor space.

I also love to travel! The most awe-inspiring experience I’ve had is visiting Bahia Bioluminiscente (or Mosquito Bay) in Vieques, Puerto Rico. The bay is a habitat for bioluminescent phytoplankton that glow and there isn’t any light pollution, so you can see every star in the dark sky. It is like swimming at midnight in a deep blue snow globe filled with silver sparkles!

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