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Neighborhood Profile: PENNSPORT

Posted on: July 29, 2013


History:  According to the Genealogy of Philadelphia County Subdivisions, Pennsport was originally part of Moyamensing Township. Most of the area north of present-day Mifflin Street was included in the Southwark District from 1794 until the consolidation of Philadelphia in 1854. At that point, it was mostly contained in the First Ward. The First and Second Wards ran east of Passyunk Avenue and were divided by Wharton St. (First to the south, Second to the north). The southern boundary of the First Ward initially spanned south to the river, but it was stopped at Mifflin St. in 1898.

Pennsport is a riverfront enclave that’s been building up exciting momentum in recent years. The influx of energy is welcome in a neighborhood already rich in Philly tradition.

The stretch between Front and Third, better known as “Two Street,” is the home of the Mummers, the bedazzled paraders who’ve been tearing up Broad Street on New Year’s Day for more than 100 years. Mummer clubs and pubs blend into the neighborhood’s quaint, narrow, well-maintained blocks in this historically residential part of town.

A growing number of new restaurateurs and shop owners are breathing new energy into the area, helping expand the neighborhood’s already robust identity.

A network of quiet, safe streets, Pennsport is not most convenient neighborhood to access via public transport, though buses do run north-south on Front and Moyamensing and east-west on three streets below Washington Avenue. The unorthodox nature of Pennsport’s more prominent corridors, especially the diagonally oriented Moyamensing, can make driving a little murky for the unfamiliar, though it’s close to 95 and there is typically street parking. (Visit Philly, Wikipedia)

Boundaries: Snyder Avenue to the south, Washington Avenue to the north, The Delaware River to the east, Fourth Street to the west.

Zip Codes: 19147, 19148.

More Information: Pennsporter, Naked Philly.

Schools: Abigail Vare, George SharswoodFurness Horace High School.

Public Transportation: SEPTA 57 Bus Line


The Story of The Neck: Philadelphia's Vanished Marshlands

Posted on: February 28, 2013

We came across this interesting little article in Hidden City Philadelphia and it made us think of how far we have come as a city in so little time. Our now cosmopolitan city of high rise condos and world-renowned restaurants was once, not too long ago, a mere pitstop between much more exciting cities on the Northeast corridor.  As the following story illustrates, only 60 or 70 years ago there were pig farms and shanty towns within city limits! Where Citizen’s Bank Park now sits, there was marshlands and livestock. Enjoy this story, written by Philadelphian John Vidumsky about a battle for land and the dissolution of an area of Philadelphia once called “The Neck”. CONTINUE READING