Season-by-Season Lawn Maintenance Calendar

By: Douglas Trattner at Tips for a barefoot-worthy lawn that’ll ensure your home has uber curb appeal. Ahhhh, that sensation of stepping onto a freshly mowed lawn sans footwear. There’s nothing like it. Here’s how to ensure that grassy feeling from spring to fall. Early Spring Like so many maintenance jobs, everything goes smoother — […]

How to Tame Your Jungly Late-Summer Garden

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon @ Don’t suffer the ugly anymore. Here’s how to give your garden a fall makeover. Your poor, sad garden. The spent vines, stubborn weeds, and greens gone to seed are putting a pitiful spin on your backyard retreat. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some simple tips […]

Budget Kitchen Remodeling: 5 Money-Saving Steps

By: Gretchen Roberts @ Can’t afford an entire kitchen remodel in one fell swoop? You can complete the work in 5 budget-saving stages (and still cook dinner during the down time). Major kitchen remodels are among the most popular home improvements, but a revamped cooking and gathering space can set you back a pretty penny. […]