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    How We Help You Sell a Home

    The key to marketing is the quality of your sales staff.
    Welcome and thank you for choosing to visit our website. We believe you will find this a valuable tool. The following information is here to help you prepare for the sale of your home.
    Regardless of your previous experience in selling a property you need the knowledge and guidance of a professional REAL ESTATE representative. Elfant Wissahickon REALTORS has been serving the needs of Sellers since 1946. With 150 licensed agents in our five locations we can provide you with all of the necessary tools and knowledge for selling your home.
    Elfant Wissahickon REALTORS is committed to the continued education of our agents and staff. We incorporate the latest in technology to provide you with the most current knowledge of the real estate market. We insist on providing superior service and maintaining the highest of ethical standards. Elfant Wissahickon REALTORS is pleased to serve your real estate needs.
    Please call or e-mail one of our representatives to guide you through the next steps in selling your home.

    What We Will Do

    Your Sales Team consists of your individual sales agent PLUS a 10 member support staff and over 150 Elfant Wissahickon agents.

    Your Sales Team works together to ensure the best service to you and your listing. We provide expert real estate, marketing and financing skills to find your buyer, structure the sale, and “smooth out the wrinkles” until your sale is completed.

    Clarifies the market value of your home and provides a basis for the best marketing strategy.

    Enhance the marketability of your home. Our experienced and professional sales staff will advise you on how to accentuate the positive features of your home to ensure a successful sale.

    Familiarize all Elfant Wissahickon agents with your home.

    Required in Pennsylvania for residential sales. Discloses defects.

    The largest and oldest home warranty company in the United States. Offers protection against some mechanical failures.

    Makes your home easy to show. In our experience, lock boxes increase the frequency of showings and shorten the time required to sell your home.

    Provides detailed computerized information about your home to thousands of agents in southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Our policy of full cooperation with other real estate offices ensures your home will receive maximum exposure to potential buyers.

    Markets your home 24 hours a day.

    Most home buyers begin search with the real estate ads. We rotate ads through a variety of publications selected for their applicability to your location and to sources of potential buyers.

    With website sharing, buyers find properties on our website, increasing traffic to your property.

    Provides computerized software and trained personnel who schedule and track appointments.

    Our listing information is available on the internet on over 900 sites. This means buyers have 24 hour access to information about your home, including virtual tours and walk throughs.

    Neighbors are an excellent source of referrals. We will notify neighboring families that your house is available for sale.

    Provide financing data to all potential buyers.

    Provide financing data to all potential buyers.

    Help ensure that buyers are able to reach settlement. Our network of mortgage lenders boasts a variety of financing programs designed to meet the unique needs of your buyer. This means that whatever the buyer’s situation, the appropriate financing will be available.

    Assures a smooth progression to the settlement table. We carefully review a buyer’s credit and financial qualifications, including a thorough check of debt and asset/liability ratios.

    Minimizes paperwork headaches. Our professional conveyancing staff facilitates the paperwork and coordinates preparation for settlement so that the closing runs smoothly.

    Helps difficult deals happen. In-house swing loans provide short term financing for buyers who are waiting to settle on the sale of their current homes.

    We request feedback from agents who have shown your home. Feedback includes visitor’s reactions to the condition and price of your home. This enables us to pinpoint our marketing and pricing. We also provide you with feedback about Showings, Ads Run, Marketing Activities, and Open House Results.