A chat with Jess Carpenter, Realtor

Posted on: July 23, 2020

Iced coffee or iced tea?

Iced cold brew coffee all year round even in the winter.

Wooder ice or ice Cream?

Ice cream. Soft serve with jimmies!

What’s your favorite spot/neighborhood in the city?

Wissahickon Park or Kelly Drive

What’s your favorite part of Philadelphia’s rich history?

The history of how the Quakers made their mark on Philadelphia and how you can still see remains of their lives and lifestyles. Did you know you can still get a Quaker marriage license at city hall?

Beach vacation, mountain, or city trip?

Is there an all of the above? I love to travel, so I explore cities all over the US and the world, I snowboard so that mountain vacation is a must and I only go to the beach in the fall when I can take my dog.

What do you grill for your perfect BBQ?

I BBQ almost every day and my favorite other than steak, my favorite is octopus.

What are new habits/hobbies during quarantine?

Drone flying, learning how to maneuver. I also really enjoy picking up trash along the side of the road.

What consumption has increased during stay-at-home? 

Pork rinds

What moved you to become a realtor?

I have always loved houses and working with people. I wanted a career that I could focus on and dive into all types of related education.

What are you most excited about being a realtor?

Again, working with people is my favorite part of this career. I enjoy a flexible schedule, lifestyle, and not being stuck at a desk!

Hardcovers or audiobooks?

I am addicted to Audible my library has 189 books. As a dyslexic, I don’t like to read but I love to learn.

What’s the most recent book you read?

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

To contact Jess, call 856-816-3769 or email

Visit Jess’ website page here! Check out Jess’ Facebook account here!

Elfant Wissahickon Realtors Covid-19 Statement

Posted on: March 27, 2020

3-27-2020 Update to Elfant Wissahickon Realtors Covid-19 #COVID_19 Statement

In compliance with Governor Wolf’s order, all showings and open houses are currently virtual. Please visit for access to photos, videos, and virtual tours of properties. Northwest Abstract and Class Abstract Title Insurance Companies are conducting settlements with strict distancing measures in place and handling as many documents as possible electronically, in advance. Our agents and staff are all working remotely and are available to help as always.

Elfant Wissahickon Realtors Congratulates Second Quarter Top Producers

Posted on: September 12, 2014

Elfant Wissahickon Realtors recognizes its professional and successful agents for another record breaking quarter.  The following are the company’s top producers for April through June, 2014.

The Karrie Gavin Group – Top Producing Team 

Shauli David – Top Individual Producer 

Million Dollar Producers:

Jim Benincasa

Mary Louise Butler

Joanne Colino

Connie Gillespie

Claudia McGill

John O’Connell

Kristin Stever

Marguerite Stokes

Kelly McShain Tyree

Multi-million Dollar Teams:

The Adams Group

The Schwartz Team

The Larry DiFranco Team

The Louise D’Alessandro Team

This Weekend: The 6300 Germantown Business Alliance and the Historic Concord School House to hold Fifth Annual Back-to-School Giveaway

Posted on: August 20, 2014

Who: 6300 Germantown Business Alliance, & the Historic Concord School House

What: The 6300 Germantown Business Alliance and the Historic Concord School House will hold a Back-to-School giveaway for school supplies for the first 300 students, accompanied by their parents/guardians, who come to the School House.

When: Saturday August 23rd from 10am until 2pm, or when the backpacks are gone. In past years there is a long line before opening, and we run completely out of backpacks by noon.

Where: The Concord Schoolhouse, 6309 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Background: This is the fifth year that the 6300 Germantown Business Alliance and the Historic Concord School House will give away school supplies to local children. This year’s event continues to garner more community support than in the past years. In the past the event was completely funded by the 6300 Germantown Business Alliance, the Concord School House, and individual business owners on that block. There has been such a strong response and desire

for more supplies that this year businesses from the greater area were approached to Co-Sponsor the event, and they have been very supportive. Up from just 50 back packs in year one, this year we are gathering enough supplies for 300.

2014 Co-sponsors currently include: Elfant-Wissahickon Realtors/The Neil Kugelman Team, Trolley Car Diner, and Historic Germantown. More sponsors are actively being sought.

With the combination of such wide support, 300 local children will be supplied with backpacks loaded with pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, notebooks, crayons, folders, and calculators. Children wishing to receive a backpack must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children must be present to receive a backpack. Please note, all supplies will be given on a first come, first serve basis, and we hope that we will give away all 300 backpacks well before 12 pm. Also the Concord School House will be open for tours.

Councilwoman Cindy Bass’ office has always been very supportive of this event. Chief of Staff Rosa Woods and other staff members have helped assemble the backpacks on Friday evening before the event for years. On the Saturday additional staff give many volunteer hours towards directing the crowds of families to the supplies and tours of the school house.

Those interested in becoming a sponsor, making a donation, or volunteering should contact Concord School House Treasurer Michael Schweisheimer by email at


How to protect your home when you leave for vacation.

Posted on: July 30, 2014

Summertime is the time of year when most Americans take vacation. Over 60% of us, in fact, take our vacations in July or August. On average, we are gone for about 2 weeks per season.

That said, it is extremely important to protect your house and belongings when you are gone.  Thieves can case your neighborhood, looking for houses that appear vacant and can even be as bold as ringing the doorbell to see if you are home. There are a few sensible steps to make sure your house is protected when you are way, below are a few of them:

1) Never post your vacation dates and plans on social media, and if you do, make sure your privacy settings are set so just your trusted friends can see your posts.

2) Before you leave, make sure all of your doors and windows are locked and that your ground floor curtains or shades are pulled.

3) Invest in a home security or camera system if you leave your house unattended regularly. There are now low-cost options that can help protect your valuables.

4) Make sure it appears as though you are home. Keep outdoor lights on, illuminating your property enough to deter burglars. Set some indoor lights to timers in different rooms. Leave a television or radio on, or set it to a timer, as light to moderate sound will make thieves second guess a break in.

5) If you go on an extended trip, schedule lawn maintenance. Nothing says vacant property like an overgrown yard.

6) Have a trusted family member or neighbor check on your house every day or two and report back to you. This will ease your mind in addition to appearing like you have company if someone is watching you house.

7) Don’t forget to have your neighbor or family member pick up your mail and newspapers. Burglars also check mailboxes to see if letters have been piling up for some time.

If you follow some of these simple suggestions, it will go a long way in protecting your property and easing your mind so you can enjoy your rest and relaxation. Happy Summer!


Elfant Wissahickon Realtors Annual BBQ

Posted on: July 10, 2014

Yesterday afternoon our Realtors gathered at our Chestnut Hill offices for our Annual BBQ. Everyone enjoyed good food, drink and conversation. It was sunny with blue skies, see below for a couple pics. Happy summer!

Tips On Keeping The House Cool This Summer!

Posted on: July 3, 2014

About five months ago as we were cursing the icy air and abundance of snow, we longed for the carefree summer months. Well, they are here and they’re HOT! It’s hard to keep things in perspective when you’re sweating through your t-shirt, but, try to enjoy the summer months as best as you can, because right around the corner is…you know.

We were searching the web for some effective ways to keep the house cool during the summer months while saving energy and we found this great list below via Enjoy!

1. Reduce the cooling load by employing cost-effective conservation measures. Provide effective shade for east and west windows. When possible, delay heat-generating activities such as dishwashing until evening on hot days.

2. Over most of the cooling season, keep the house closed tight during the day. Don’t let in unwanted heat and humidity. Ventilate at night either naturally or with fans.

3. You can help get rid of unwanted heat through ventilation if the temperature of the incoming air is 77 F or lower. (This strategy works most effectively at night and on cooler days.) Window fans for ventilation are a good option if used properly. They should be located on the downwind side of the house facing out. A window should be open in each room. Interior doors must remain open to allow air flow.

4. Use ceiling fans to increase comfort levels at higher thermostat settings. The standard human comfort range for light clothing in the summer is between 72 F and 78 F. To extend the comfort range to 82 F, you need a breeze of about 2.5 ft/sec or 1.7 mph. A sow-turning ceiling-mounted paddle fan can easily provide this air flow.

5. In hot climates, plant shade trees around the house. Don’t plant trees on the South if you want to benefit from passive solar heating in the winter.

6. If you have an older central air conditioner, consider replacing the outdoor compressor with a modern, high-efficiency unit. Make sure that it is properly matched to the indoor unit.

7. If buying a new air conditioner, be sure that it is properly sized. Get assistance from an energy auditor or air conditioning contractor.

8. Buy a high-efficiency air conditioner: for room air conditioners, the energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating should be above 10; for central air conditioners, look for a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating above 12.

9. In hot, humid climates, make sure that the air conditioner you buy will adequately get rid of high humidity. Models with variable or multi-speed blowers are generally best. Try to keep moisture sources out of the house.

10. Try not to use a dehumidifier at the same time your air conditioner is operating. The dehumidifier will increase the cooling load and force the air conditioner to work harder.

11. Seal all air conditioner ducts, and insulate ducts that run through unheated basements, crawl spaces, and attics.

12. Keep the thermostat set at 78 degrees F or higher if using ceiling fans. Don’t air-condition unused rooms.

13. Maintain your air conditioners properly to maximize efficiency.

14. Install white window shades or mini-blinds. Mini-blinds can reduce solar heat gain by 40-50 percent.

15. Close south and west-facing curtains during the day for any window that gets direct sunlight. Keep these windows closed, too.

16. Install awnings on south-facing windows, where there’s insufficient roof overhang to provide shade.

17. Hang tightly woven screens or bamboo shades outside the window during the summer to stop 60 to 80 percent of the sun’s heat from getting to the windows.

18. Apply low-e films.

19. Consider exotic infills in your windows, a new technology that fills the space between panes with krypton or argon, gasses that have lower conductivity than air, and which boost R-values.

19. Provide shade for your room A/C, or the outside half of your central A/C if at all possible. This will increase the unit’s efficiency by 5 percent to 10 percent.

20. Clean your A/C’s air filter every month during cooling season. Normal dust build-up can reduce air flow by 1 percent per week.

22. Turn off your A/C when you leave for more than an hour.

23. Several studies have found that most central air conditioning systems are oversized by 50 percent or more.

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Philadelphia Summer Fun: 2014

Posted on: June 27, 2014

When the weather gets hot, Philadelphia really comes alive! With more and more people coming into the city for the 4th of July Celebrations and the mounting summer festivals popping up, you should never be at a loss for something to do in the sweltering summer months! Here are a few hand-picked events happening in the upcoming months complements of

The Visit Philly Beer Garden Happy Hour Series: 12 Weeks. 6 Beer Gardens. Endless Good Times.

In order to take advantage of Philly’s wealth of awesome beer gardens, we’ve created a brand new rotating happy hour series called the Visit Philly Beer Garden Series. Launching on Friday, June 6 at Morgan’s Pier, and visiting a single beer garden each week through August, the pop-up happy hours will run from 4 to 7 p.m. on Fridays and include specials on food and local craft beer.

Spruce Street Harbor Park: A Pop-up Summertime Village on the Delaware River

From Friday, June 27 through Sunday, August 31, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation transforms the Penn’s Landing Marina at Columbus Boulevard and Spruce Street into a pop-up summertime village with a beer garden, restaurant and more. The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation’s new jewel boasts all of the essential elements for a summertime revery — ample outdoor seating, local beer offerings and higher-end grab-and-go food available from a cargo container — and will be free and open to the public every day from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. The pop-up spot also features a hammock garden, boardwalk, urban beach, fountains and a series of floating barges with lily pad water gardens.

Fireworks and Fountains at Longwood Gardens: Celebrate Summer in a beautiful setting with some jaw-dropping fountains and fireworks!

The entire family will enjoy Longwood Gardens’ light and sound spectacular, a summer tradition at the internationally celebrated gardens. These extravaganzas combine lavish fireworks, stirring music and the celebrated colorful illuminated fountains of the 1,050-acre horticultural showplace created by industrialist Pierre du Pont (1870-1954). The result is an unforgettable display that lights the evening sky. Fireworks have been used at Longwood since at least 1907, the year after du Pont purchased the property. Each display typically attracts approximately 5,000 people. The fountains and fireworks are operated by carefully synchronized computer programs, and the music is chosen to complement the displays.

Wawa Welcome America! Fireworks: Celebrate Philadelphia’s biggest day of the year with some of the best fireworks you’ll ever see!

When it comes to celebrating America’s birthday, nobody rocks it like Philadelphia, America’s birthplace, and 2014—the country’s 238th birthday—will be no exception thanks to festive happenings before, during and after the Fourth of July. Celebrate during the Wawa Welcome America! Festival from June 28-July 4, a week of festive events, including the largest free concert in America starring Philly hometown heroes The Roots.

It wouldn’t be Independence Day without fireworks and this year there are several explosive shows happening in Philadelphia during the week of July 4th. Get the best view with our guides to watching the fireworks displays at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Delaware River, below.

PLEASE NOTE: All fireworks shows and events are scheduled rain or shine. In case of inclement weather, follow @July4thPhilly on Twitter and Wawa Welcome America on Facebook for up-to-the-minute information.

Upcoming Fireworks Shows

Philly 4th of July Jam & Grand Finale Fireworks

Date: Friday, July 4 | Where to Watch Map – Parkway
Fireworks: Estimated to begin around 10:30 p.m.*
Location: Benjamin Franklin Parkway between 20th Street and Eakins Oval
Concert: The week-long celebration culminates with the “Largest Free Concert in America” on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Enjoy performances from The Roots, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, Aloe Blacc, Ariana Grande and Vicci Martinez before the explosive fireworks finale over the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Adventure Aquarium Waterfront Fireworks Spectacular

Date: Saturday, July 5
Location: Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing | Where to Watch Map – Penn’s Landing
Fireworks: Immediately following final performance, between 9:30-10 p.m.*
Concert: Enjoy a patriotic evening of music with the United States Army Marching Band “Pershing’s Own” followed by the Adventure Aquarium Waterfront Fireworks Celebration.

9 Houses With Slides Inside!

Posted on: June 25, 2014

Who wants to take the stairs when you can slide between floors in style? If thinking outside the box is your thing, you’ll appreciate this slideshow of houses with built-in slides. Check it out HERE!



How Philadelphia's Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Posted on: May 16, 2014

We all know that Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods, but did you ever wonder how they were named? We found a pretty comprehensive list on Mentalfloss. Follow the link and enjoy!