Carmine Simmons

Hello! It’s wonderful to meet you,

The real estate and education professions share critical skills and a commitment of service to others. Before real estate, I was teaching literature and writing at Rutgers-Newark. For me, real estate was an easy transition. I’ve stayed in real estate all these years because it’s a gratifying experience to help folks achieve their real estate goals. For most clients, it’s their single greatest asset, and the process of selling or buying can feel incredibly overwhelming.

My goal is to remove the stress by providing creative solutions and a concierge experience that allows my clients to focus on what matters most — the next chapter in their lives. Along the way, I’ve met so many incredible people and cultivated strong ties to the communities I serve.

Originally hailing from Jersey City, the fine city of Philly is a great fit. Our daughter went to college here, and after years of visiting, all signs pointed to putting down roots in this town. My husband and I are temporarily enjoying Northern Liberties (and loving it!) while our home in Old City is being renovated. There’s so much great food to choose from right outside our door! We love the lively flavors of Suya Suya, and the spicy pad dishes (and happy faces) at Circles Thai keep us coming back.

When I’m not working with clients or on one of the many home projects, Rob and I will spend time exploring Philly. We love relaxing in the many green spaces the area has to offer. Then maybe dinner at Royal Boucherie and a show at the Arden. When we need a break from the city we might slip off to the Catskills for a few days of hiking or down to Rehoboth for some seaside rejuvenation. Better yet book me a ticket to Rome (the history, the art, the pasta)!

When we tour homes together I’ll be happy to share my secrets and tips for each neighborhood, and what restaurants and shops are favorites. We’ll not only hunt for your perfect home but be on the continued pursuit of Philly’s best bagel. It’s out there!