Dennis Medina

With New York City being the epicenter of fashion, interior design, and real estate, I didn’t think I could fall in love with anywhere else until I met Philadelphia.

The historic homes, the grand architecture, the diversity and the spectrum of progressive history made it easy to fall in love and to imagine the possibilities that I could create in a much more affordable city.

While living in apartments for 15 years in NYC, it was limiting in all aspects of expressing myself creatively and nearly impossible to participate in owning property so Philadelphia became the first place I was able to own a primary residence. With my love for architecture, it wasn’t long before I was making an offer on a 19th Century Victorian home in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia and filling it with objects that I love rather than temporary furniture that doubled as storage. Infusing my interior design experience with old world charm architecture was exhilarating and soon after my friends saw Philadelphia’s potential which brought me to wanting to create the same experience, through real estate, for other people like me.

When I’m not talking about real estate, I’m gardening in my backyard, enjoying the amazing food scene, making new friends through salsa classes, and volunteering for a few of the historic sites in Germantown.

Every home has a story waiting to be explored. Every space in the home tells you what it wants to be. Let’s introduce ourselves to the home. I’ll guide you.