Jordon Hafetz

People often ask “Why are you a realtor?” and the answer comes easily. My passion is to help people, especially as they make important decisions such as where to make their home. Be it renting for a period of time or long term, I enjoy being a part of that important process.

In my past life I worked in TV production for an ABC daytime show called The Chew. After that, I sold Medicare Insurance which led me into the wellness realm and teaching yoga. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2018 at CorePower Yoga and most recently Monarch Yoga. All of those are working within a team, which is exactly what your realtor should be! A team member who is navigating and negotiating for your best interests.

I’ve lived in Center City, Fitler Square (so pretty!), and currently live in Old City with my partner Edgar. I adore this city and you’ll often spot me coffee in hand, post-yoga class, just wandering and not forgetting to look up. My partner and I get Mexican food almost every Sunday night at Adelita (I love their enchilada mole) in South Philly, for coffee you’ll find me at Old City Coffee, I love the burgers at Two Robbers, and take yoga at Monarch :). When it’s sunny skies and the work is done, Edgar and I will often hop over to join my family for beach time in Longport Beach, NJ.

Building community is something I hold onto dearly and I want to do more than sell you a home. I want you to fall in love with your neighborhood and find your true home. Introducing my clients to new parts of the city or finding their perfect spot in a neighborhood that’s already a favorite is what it’s all about. Let’s get out there together!