A chat with Gabriel Fellus, Realtor

Wooder ice or ice Cream?

Favorite ice cream is definitely Alumni swirl ice cream from the Penn State Creamery.

What’s your favorite spot/neighborhood in the city?

I’ve lived in Fairmount for over 4 years, and it’s become my favorite neighborhood, mainly because of the small community feel it has. The perfect balance of a quiet, community feel while still being close enough to all the city has to offer. Realizing that Lemon Hill, which has so much history and relevance to the foundation of the city, is just next to Fairmount makes the area even more special. Besides the history, Lemon hill is an awesome area for runs, picnics, and amazing views of Kelly Drive and the Schuylkill river.

Beach vacation, mountain, or city trip?

My preferred vacation has always been to new cities, just wondering and getting lost in the city’s streets and discovering what it has to offer. London, Tel-Aviv, and Naples are ones that have left the biggest impression on me.

What do you grill for your perfect BBQ?

Eggplant, peaches and salmon.

What are new habits/hobbies during quarantine?

Crafting homeware and dining accessories.

What are you most excited about being a realtor?

Working with younger, first time buyers closer to my age and helping them navigate through their first real estate purchase.

Hardcovers or audiobooks?


What’s the most recent book you read?

The Center Cannot hold


To contact Gabriel, call 267-269-8768 or email gabriel@elfantwissahickon.com

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