A chat with Kate Kyle, Realtor

What’s your favorite spot/neighborhood in the city?

I love any dog park but we particularly frequent the Mario Lanza Park with our pup Vita Marie. She is very social, as I am so we both get to hang out with friends. It’s been particularly nice during quarantine because socializing has been tough and this is a way to safely do so!

What’s your favorite part of Philadelphia’s rich history?

The architecture! I love that I can walk a few blocks from my house and see huge, exquisite, marble buildings where very important history took place. There is something so magical about walking around and taking in the historic sites.

Beach vacation, mountain, or city trip?

I love it all! My family has a lake house and going to the lake is the most relaxing but I do love adventure too! We love to travel and our most recent trips include Alaska, Tulum, and India.

What are new habits/hobbies during quarantine?

Hobbies? I’ve been working so much I have no time for hobbies lol. We did get a Peleton and that’s been so much fun and a great way to get energy out when I can’t go to the gym.

What moved you to become a realtor?

I found myself going to open houses all the time! I originally wanted to be a stager and took real estate classes to learn about the business. I fell in love with learning more about the whole process and decided to dive in as a realtor and I am so happy I did! Also, I always wanted to buy a house when I was single but didn’t know where to begin. I love empowering single women and guiding them through the home buying process. Handing over the keys is so rewarding!

To contact Kate, call 484-437-2369 or email kate@phillyhomegirls.com

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