A chat with Kate McCann, Realtor

Iced coffee or iced tea?

Iced Coffee!

What’s your favorite spot/neighborhood in the city?

This is so tough having lived here for 10 years! I feel like it changes every few years depending on where I’m living. Now that I’m in Pennsport, being near Dickinson Square is so special. Huge trees, plenty of benches, a playground, and a few good coffee shops nearby to have a socially-distanced hang in the park!


Beach vacation, mountain, or city trip?

Mountain! I own a cabin in the Catskills, so definitely love being secluded and in nature when I’m looking to escape the city.

What do you grill for your perfect BBQ?

The perfect BBQ includes local sausages and meats (from Primal Supply Meats!), a fresh salad (roasted corn & tomatoes…) with a lot of herbs, and cold potato salad!

What moved you to become a realtor?

I’m super passionate about houses, design, and hospitality. So taking care of clients, while helping them find amazing spaces is not only engaging for me, but comes naturally! I also was tired of sitting at a desk all day… which I think is why most people become realtors!

To contact Kate, call 908.451.0235 or email katemccann@phillyhomegirls.com
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