🌟 This week is EWR’s Agent Awards Week : 1st Quarter 2022 : 1M Dollar Production 🌟

Today we congratulate our $1 – 1.9 Million Dollar producers for the first quarter of 2022!

🎉 Congratulations to these amazing agents!

First Photo: Benjamin Camp, Katey Kyle, Patrick Hatfield, Michele Cushing, Neil Kugelman, Holly Mack-Ward, Sarah Robertson & Clare Parmer

Second Photo: Cecile Steinriede, Christian Fegel, Leah Strenger, Christopher Plant, Kate Vail, Eric Moore, Charissa Price Ferdinand, Carolyn Perlow & Catherine Gacki-Hartt

Third Photo: Nate Barnett, Shannon Keirans, Andon George, James Sugg, Dayna Hillis, Jacob Markovitz, Vickie Davis, Donna Chappelle & Neil DiFranco

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