🌟 This week is EWR’s Agent Awards Week : 4th Quarter 2021 : 1M Dollar Production 🌟

🏆 Today we congratulate our $1 – 1.9 Million Dollar producers for the fourth quarter of 2021!

🎉 Congratulations to these amazing agents!

First Row: Charissa Prince-Ferdinand, Jennifer Golden, Joanne Colino
Second Row: Kaia Leitham, Nate Barnett
Third Row: Jan LeSuer, Clare Parmer, Danielle Miller


Second Photo First Row: Kelly McShain Tyree, Allison Fegel, Miriam Mosquera Martinez
Second Photo Second Row: Erin Larkin, Domenic Christopher, Sara Stewart
Second Photo Third Row: Patrick Hatfield, Kate McCann, Mary Louise Butler


Third Photo First Row: Connie Gillespie, Rosie Dillon, James Sugg
Third Photo Second Row: Ksenia Scorsolini, Neil Kugelman
Third Photo Third Row: Chrissy Erickson, Kathy Krebs, Alex Aberle