Great Day of Service!

My partner Paul gave me homework this weekend:  write a blog post about my MLK experience at the Jenks Elementary School in Chestnut Hill. Well, the picture says it all.

I wonder sometimes who gets more reward for the things we do in reaching out to others.

You can tell by the smile on my face that this one felt pretty good for me. I spent an hour or so, reading books with Daisha.  The teacher instructed me to make her sound out the words, that she’s a much better reader than she thinks she is…. to push her to figure out the words on her own. We read about 7 or 8 books, one cuter than the next, and Daisha got more and more adept as time went on. We alternated choosing ones from the pile to read. It wasn’t fair for her to get all the choices. My favorite was the one where each animal kept eating the smaller animal until the biggest one burped ( or something like that…..I turned 60 a couple weeks ago…can’t remember the detail) and they all came back out, good as new. I love a happy ending.

So, business isn’t always just business. Reaching outside of one’s own self-interest to do for someone else feeds your soul. After 38 years in the real estate business and countless involvements with various charities and community activities, I’ve come to a conclusion. Wouldn’t it be good if everyone, at least once a day, committed to doing something for others. Kind of an MLK commitment 365 days a year. Small or big, doesn’t matter. An unsolicited act of kindness, a community meeting, a small donation, a dollar to someone on the street….something for other than you. Sorry….my homework wasn’t supposed to be a lecture but, it would be cool. I recommend you try it. It will feel pretty good!

Posted by Bob Elfant