Benjamin Camp

Benjamin is a long time South Philadelphia resident and investor with a deep love for the arts, culture, food, and spaces of Philadelphia. Benjamin was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, and has lived in the city since he graduated from Swarthmore College. As an agent, Benjamin wields his extensive planning experience and client-focused discernment processes to guide buyers and sellers to clarity around their choices. The process will always begin with listening.

When he’s not working with homeowners and buyers, Benjamin is founding arts and culture organizations.  He co-created Camp Bonfire, which offers summer camp retreat weekends for adults, and Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, a company creating original performance events and theater in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is an inspiring place to live, and as an area expert, Benjamin can make the journey of buying or selling a home here efficient, pleasurable, and financially beneficial. When you’re buying or selling property, you’re thinking about the future, and Benjamin is dedicated to helping you make the right decision for you.