Christian Fegel

I’ve lived in South Philly for 15 years and I can’t believe how much it has changed! Prior to becoming the first Philly Home Guy, I worked as a Newspaper Reporter, Penn researcher for Veterans who suffer from sleep disorders caused by PTSD, as well as an oyster shucker in Seattle. Shortly after, I tried managing my own rental and made a million mistakes. Even through a tough learning curve, my love for looking at properties in Philadelphia kept growing and in 2012 I started South Philly Rental Management LLC. As a real estate agent, I genuinely want to help buyers find their dream house and eventually their dream investment property. I have a special soft spot for older homes and hope to join home buyers on their journey to find the perfect place to live.

I love the secret little places in each Philly neighborhood; like the BioPond in West Philly, the Barbacoa in South Philly and sledding the bowl in Clark Park. In my spare time I enjoy coaching my 6-year-old’s soccer team, gardening in Capitolo Park and shopping for ripe avocados in the Italian Market vender stalls.

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