Daniel Eng

Daniel was a lifelong restaurant consultant turned Real Estate agent after the purchase of his first home. Working in sales eventually led him to become a loan originator for Direct Mortgage Loan Company.  Working for the mortgage company gives him a unique advantage of  being  focused on the Philadelphia investor market. While primarily originating loans for clients who want to start or expand their portfolios, Daniel assists in underwriting bridge loans for acquisition, construction and creative refinances. He works daily with brand new  and seasoned veterans of the Philadelphia investor community. Dan has since joined EWR with the Phriendly Realtors team in order to ensure his clients are represented well in the real estate market. In his spare time he spends lots of time outdoors with his son and wife, loves to cook, and forage for seasonal specialties. Whether you’re selling your home, purchasing your dream property,  or making your first investment, Dan can steer and assist you in the direction of success!