Tang Vu

Tang was born in Vietnam and moved to Philadelphia with his parents in 1990. He has been a resident of Philadelphia for over 30 years living in every neighborhood imaginable. He brings a unique perspective to real estate growing up in Philadelphia and having seen the changes and continued growth of the city.

He particularly loves working with first-time buyers because he wants to educate his clients along the way and help facilitate his clients to make the best decision for their life and for their future. Whether you’re an investor looking for a good deal or someone who wants to take advantage of a first-time home buyer’s grant, he works hard for all of his clients.

Tang loves being a landlord and encourages everyone to own real estate one day. He has a couple rental properties around Philadelphia and managing them himself keeps him busy and aware of the market. While he loves being an agent, if he’s not working, you can find him riding his bike around town, doing a home project or enjoying some beer and wine with his friends.