Eric Moore

Coming off a 32-year career as a founding partner and technology chief at TLA Entertainment Group, I decided to follow my love of houses, buildings, interior space and people into the real estate business. As a partner at TLA, I was intimately involved in searching out, designing and building over seven retail locations, two warehouses, four offices, and the Roxy Screening Rooms on Sansom Street. These projects have led me into some of the more unique locations in Philadelphia and now I am excited to bring my passion for all of the beautiful, interesting and quirky spaces our city has to offer and while I help you find your first home, your next home, or the place you’ll build or expand your business.

A life-long Philadelphian, I grew up in University City, spent 10 years in Bella Vista, and have lived for the past 24 years in Fairmount with my wife, Rachel and our teenage son, Dylan.