Holly Mack-Ward

Holly draws upon her experience closing well over 1,000 transactions, more than $300 million in sales, in leading a team of real estate professionals. Besides good old-fashioned hard work, a number of factors have contributed to her success—all of which boil down to nuance. As a 20-year Philadelphia resident, she’s a die-hard fan of our city and has an in-depth knowledge of not only the neighborhoods, but the block-to-block differences that come with each. This gives her an in-depth understanding of the market that pays off for buyers and sellers alike. A degree from Oberlin College and her work as an editor at the Philadelphia Weekly are key in guiding her marketing team to create unique and compelling marketing and education campaigns. Then there’s her personality: Holly’s knack for making fast friends with practically everyone she meets– thanks to her natural inclination to listen, connect with and understand people–brings a nuanced approach to negotiations that is highly effective.