Jeanne Whipple

As we say in the biz, it’s nice to e-meet you. I’m Jeanne Whipple, co-founder of the Philly Home Girls.  My Come-to-Philadelphia story is very similar to Goldilocks’ (of Three Bear’s fame). I grew up in a very small town close to Greenville, South Carolina. In a Mary Tyler Moore moment I decided to enroll at the University of the Arts and become a big, but not too big, city girl. Shortly thereafter I decided Philly was too small so I transferred and earned my B.A from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The price of real estate in Chicago, the cold, and the enormity of the city returned me back to Philly in 2002 where I bought my house in Fishtown, “Ahhhh just right”. In those first years back in Philly I transitioned my fresh-out-of-college-career from advertising to marketing for architects and real estate agents, which naturally progressed into full-time real estate sales.

At home in Fishtown, I feel rested, recharge, and myself.  I wish the same for all Philly Home Girls’ clients.  I’m here to help my team of seasoned and versatile professionals guide you on a journey to find a happy place that suites your lifestyle, discover your dream, and live in it.

Like having a baby, taking a transcontinental flight, or finishing a marathon, buying and selling real estate is simply one of the most important experiences in a person’s life.  You wouldn’t do those things without a seasoned professional by your side captaining your ship or cheering you on. Why would you ever buy a house without the right real estate agent guiding you through the technical aspects, intricacies, local customs and market conditions surrounding your transaction?  The Philly Home Girls can do all that while keeping your specific priorities in focus and protecting you from your unique fears. Everyone is different and people cope with pressure in different ways. It is our job to show our home buyers and sellers proven methods based on experience that make their goals not only achievable but enjoyable and stress-free.

My real estate resume includes top rankings in awards, service, and sales volume on local, state, and national levels from: Realogy, NRT, Coldwell Banker Preferred, USAA, Philadelphia Business Journal, the Forum of Executive Women, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Cendant Mobility. For seven years I served as Chair of the Ethics and Grievance Committee at the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors and currently held the position of Secretary on the Board of Directors. For me, my highest achievements are earning five-star reviews from our clients and remaining a highly reviewed Philadelphia Real Estate agent on major websites including: Zillow, Trulia, and Yelp.

When I’m not helping my team, clients or community, you can find me playing tennis, hiking with my dachshund Dash (off leash don’t tell!), reading Architectural Digest, appreciating a local cultural event or experiencing Philadelphia’s renowned culinary scene. As a creative outlet, I build new construction homes from the ground up, and delight in the occasional flip.

Check out Jeanne’s resume!