Lisette Tarragano

As a Philadelphia resident for over three decades I’ve come to know the personality of our special neighborhoods. My goal as an agent is to partner with my clients, having open conversations so that I can assess their particular ‘vibe’.  Finding a good fit may take several turns, so flexibility has been key to my client relationships.

I earned my real estate license many moons ago, while working for a real estate developer and attending Temple Law School at night.  It was so much fun because I could finally relate my learning through my father’s stories of life in real estate and his incredible business acumen. Some of my first memories revolve around my father’s office, smelling cigar smoke and leather, listening to him conduct business at the closing table and falling in love with plat maps.

My life path eventually led me back to the closing table after years of business experience in the financial services industry, prior to and after earning my JD.

When I moved here 36 years ago I settled in Society Hill where I still live with my husband Charlie and one of my greyhound rescues. When I’m not traveling or trying my skills as an amateur chef with my bounty from the Italian Market or Trader Joes, you can find me at one of my favorite neighborhood spots such as Talulah’s Daily or South Street Souvlaki.

In my down time, you might find me volunteering my time selling memorial poppies in support of veterans as an executive council member of the Benjamin Franklin American Legion Post #405 or meeting with WWII veterans as we try to erect a monument to their service, here in Philly.