Lydia Chen


P: (215) 893-9920

C: (617) 455-1331


Lydia Chen will guide you through the barrage of information in a real estate transaction, track progress with an eagle eye, and keep communications flowing between lenders, vendors, inspectors, title company, and relevant parties. She is an ace at getting things done, having a previous career as an administrator at top academic institutions including Stanford and Harvard. Lydia makes the experience of buying or selling a home a smooth one for her clients.

From Berkeley to Boston to Beijing, Lydia has called many places home! Her personal experience of having lived in many places gives her a treasure chest of know-how and skills for moving. Lydia has lived on the East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest, and even in China, France, and Brazil. Lydia speaks Mandarin and some French. She is interested in people’s stories, their travels, and their goals for a home.

When Lydia saw all that Philadelphia had to offer, she established roots here and made it her home. She loves art museums and public parks wherever she goes, and Philly has a lot of those! She loves Philly for its vibrant arts scene, innovative spirit, stellar research institutions, and excellent location. Let Lydia find you your dream Philly home!