Michelle Shlomo

Ten years ago, my husband and I bought our new home in Center City. Buying or selling a home is probably one of the most important and expensive business decisions a person will make. Luckily, we had a very knowledgeable and experienced agent, who made the whole experience very interesting and exciting. From that moment on, I decided to learn more about the real estate business, and finally became an agent as well.

I have been involved in the business world since I graduated Temple University with Bachelors in Business Administration and later completing graduate courses at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. My majors were accounting and marketing. After working in both fields, my profession took root as a loss prevention and fraud specialist in the banking industry. And now, of course, I am working as a realtor, which I enjoy immensely.

Being a daughter of empty nesters, a wife and a mother of three young adults, I am in tune to the needs of people in different stages of life and can easily relate. I treat my customers just like my family and am aware of their varied needs and interests, whether purchasing a first home or down-sizing after the kids have moved. My goal is to guide my clients through the real estate process as smoothly as possible and offer them my knowledge and expertise, so they can make their best decisions for their purchase or sale. There is no greater reward than a satisfied customer.