🌟 This week is EWR’s Agent Awards Week : 2nd Quarter 2021 : 1M Dollar Production 🌟

Today we congratulate our million dollar producers for the second quarter of 2021! 🏆

First Row Above: Rae-Lynne Tuzzo, Brian Fritz, Kate Shlomo, Mary Louise Butler

Second Row Above: Dayna Hillis, Shauli David, Sara Smith


First Row Above: Christian Fegel, Jennifer Golden, Daniel Bernstein, Kristin Stever

Second Row Above: Deb Stanitz, Chas Hendricksen, Janice Smalley


First Row Above: Jenny Sweeney, Maryellen Cammisa, Rosie Dillon, Michele Peale

Second Row Above: Sara Stewart, Rena Asher, Kelly McShain Tyree


First Row Above: Alex Aberle, Shannon Keirans, Brandon Hadfield, Joannie Topper

Second Row Above: Miriam Martinez, Patrick Hatfield, Ksenia Scorsolini